Kind Words

Emily!! I don’t even know where to begin! We are leaving for our honeymoon soon but could not get on the plane without thanking you for everything on Saturday. It was the most incredible night and we cannot get over how smoothly everything ran and how great you and Aaron were to work with. You made everything so easy and seamless – you felt more like a friend there than a photographer! It was so easy having you around. Thank you for being so sweet and patient.

A day has never gone by faster in our lives. I know everyone warned us but it really went by in an instant. It’s so comforting to know we will have the photos to remember everything. We cannot wait to see them!!!

Thank you again and please share my message with Aaron.”


Danielle Novick + March 8, 2014

We would absolutely recommend Emily Harris and would choose her again for any occasion that might call for a professional photographer. Emily had our bride and groom complete a questionnaire prior to the wedding day asking all the important questions about location, timeline, etc. She took every imaginable shot, getting ready, family, wedding party, special photos of the bride and groom, the ceremony, the reception room, all the details. But what was so incredible about Emily and her husband Aaron who worked with her is that after the set-up shots were done, we did no know that the photographers were in the room. They were able to capture incredible candids without being in the way of the festivity that was taking place. I had heard this from many other satisfied customers about Emily Harris photography and it is true. On top of that, Emily and Aaron are wonderful to work with. They are so calm, polite and a genuine pleasure to be around. And the photographs are gorgeous.

Marcia Hochman


Believe it or not, I finally just got to watch the slideshow.  I had only seen the Facebook ones earlier.  I couldn’t access the slideshow at work, on my phone or on my iPad. Then I drove 40 minutes in the pouring rain to my nail appointment to find out it’s really tomorrow. The anticipation to see it was killing me.  I finally got home and riding up the elevator felt like the longest ride ever, each time the bell dinged and I passed another floor, I was one second closer to finally getting to my computer.  The timing worked out perfectly because Seth had just gotten home too and he hadn’t seen it either.  We got to watch it together.

To say the pictures are beautiful, amazing, perfect or more than I could’ve dreamed of is an understatement.  Although I sat in soaking wet clothes after a long day of work, tears filled my eyes with each picture and I felt the same way I did on June 12th. Our wedding was the most perfect day of our lives and I would’ve never imagined that I would be able to relive it through your pictures. They are incredible. You captured every smile, every tear, every laugh and most importantly, all of the love that filled that day.

I don’t know how I can ever say thank you. There are not enough adjectives in the dictionary to describe your talent, creativity and personality. You were an absolute pleasure to work with and I feel honored that you shot our wedding. I couldn’t have imagined having anyone else capture our special day besides you and Aaron. You two are the most amazing duo a bride and groom could ask for.

In the year leading up to our wedding, I stalked your pictures with such pleasure wondering if our pictures would be as stunning. I may be biased, because we felt like a million dollars that day, but the pictures far surpassed anything I could have ever wished or hoped for. I really think they are some of your best and I couldn’t have asked for anything more, they are art.  We feel honored to be your subjects.

Please feel free to use our pictures in whatever capacity you need to demonstrate your unbelievable talent and skill. I will be happy to provide whatever client testimonials you need too. But really, your pictures speak for themselves.

I know this is just the beginning of our relationship because for babies and more, you will be my first phone call.  I also see a first anniversary photo session in our future.

Seth and I are the luckiest people in the world, not only to have each other but to have these pictures to look at for the rest of our lives. You’ve touched our hearts and souls in a way I truly cannot express. The emotion pours out from every picture.

On behalf of Seth, our family and all of the smiles you captured that day, thank you so much for your hard work and for putting your heart into something you were born to do. I don’t know how I can ever repay you for capturing a day we will never forget. Take your time on the pictures, I would wait forever for them.  I can’t wait to make our album!

PS – We pulled it off…NO SPILLAGE!!!!!!


Thank you so much for the beautiful wedding album. I could not believe how beautifully and flawlessly you captured each and every magical moment of our ceremony and reception.

You displayed such a high level of professionalism and photograph quality, not only for our wedding photographs but also for my intimate bridal photo session.

The album take us through so many wonderful moments. We find ourselves looking at the album over and over again. Each creatively laid out page brings us back to August 7, 2010, even seeing some events for the first time.

Your prompt reply with proofs, slide show and album allowed us to share our moments with so many people who were unable to travel from New York to Florida for our special day.

Timothy and I can not thank you enough for your outstanding service and want you to know that we appreciate your hard work and efforts to make our wedding day perfect, leaving us with beautiful memories to reflect on as we continue our journey as husband and wife.

We are so happy with all of the work you have done for us and for being the best photographer we could have hoped for.

Jocelyn and Timothy Rodriguez-McShanEmily,

I can’t stop looking at the pictures, now that I don’t have limited Internet access from the ship.  It was absolute fate you were not booked on December 4th. I call it our ultimate gift. Your pictures are so amazing.  Thank you Emily and Aaron for letting us re-live our magical day again and again. I am telling everyone who is getting married to first get engaged, find a date and book Emily immediately if she is not already taken. J  Happy New Years again.  Talk to you soon.  You maybe getting weekly thank you emails from me.


Thank you so much Emily! These are amazing and our families are so happy with them and we all loved working with you and your husband! You truly captured the feelling of the day and since everything is a complete blur for Chris and I it was great to have these to help fill in the pieces! I can’t wait to see the rest in the weeks to come! Once we get reacclimated to “reality” I will be hitting the bridal sites to sing your praises :)

Thank you again for your beautiful work!
Jen & Chris Zappas :)

Um…. so I get to work today with almost 500 emails in my work inbox and almost 200 in my personal inbox and hand’t seen one wedding photo yet! I see your email and say to myself “You are not allowed to look at any wedding pics till tonight once you have gone through your work emails” Well, yeah, that didn’t work out so well! I have now watched that slideshow about 10 times and have cried each and every time! Words can not even express how amazing we think you and Aaron are! We are just blown away at how the two of you captured every single emotion of that day.  We are just absolutely elated! I have actually had comments from folks on Facebook that I haven’t spoken with in years who have told us that our pics are the best wedding pics they have ever seen, no lie!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all that you and Aaron did…. we will never be able to thank you enough!


Thank you, thank you, thank you, and thank you.
The pictures are gorgeous. My mother (who is quite stoic, other than with events like this) has come to me crying multiple times because of how perfect they are, how well they captured the event. I’m sure you hear it every time you finally are able to send the pictures to another couple, but it bares repeating:
Words cannot explain how happy each and every picture that you took have made us. Thank you again for letting your talent flow to produce such a beautiful collection of pictures.

Josh Johnson

Emily!!  They are so beautiful!  I knew from the moment I saw your blog for the first time, that you had to be the one to capture our wedding!  You could follow someone around a supermarket and make it look like a beautiful occasion!  I can’t wait to have you capture even more simchas in our lives together!  Thank you a million times!!


Hi Emily,

I was at Nina and Matt’ s wedding 2 weekends ago and I just wanted to compliment you on your professionalism, style, and your unique photography.  I work for National Geographic and can really appreciate when someone not only can capture special moments but do it in a truly artistic fashion.  The pictures are beautiful and I hope to one day be able to have you photograph my wedding!!


Hey Emily! We just got back from Jamaica and let me tell you…my phone was blown UP with all the voice mails and texts telling me how amazing my photographer was and how perfect the pictures were! Knowing your work I totally knew that would be the case, but I was still in shock when I opened the link to see my wedding photos. You captured every moment so perfectly and I can never thank you and your fiance enough! You have given us such a precious gift! I cant wait to see the rest of them, by now I have already looked over the sample 30 times (seriously, im slightly obsessed)! Thank you thank you THANK YOU! <3

Lexie & Danny

These pictures are amazing… what I love the most is that you captured the love and the emotions throughout the event. You are very, very good! May God keep blessing the work of your hands.

Beatriz (mother of the groom)


What you have captured in these photos are absolutely priceless. The photographs are above and beyond anything I could have every imagined. Emily, you have given our families a gift of some of the most precious moments in our lives and for that we are all very thankful. What an incredible talent you are.

-Summer Castells, mother-of-the-bride

Emily is amazing! Not only was she great to work with but her photos were fantastic! She truly captured moments in time and we never felt like things were staged. We are still getting compliments and just looking at the photos make us happy. We should have paid her at least double for the amount of joy they will bring us our entire lives.

-Mat Forrest, review as seen on Pictage

Hire Emily if you want a photographer who will capture the essence, along with all the nuances, of your wedding day.

Emily was integral to the success of our wedding. Our decision to contract with her was one of the best decisions we made.

I knew I would prefer a photojournalist to capture the day’s events. A little research turned up Emily’s name. I thought I would need to convince my wife to use a photojournalist but one perusal of her website made it an easy sell. We contacted Emily shortly thereafter and our meeting with her was fun and informative.

We actually ended changing the wedding date and luckily Emily was still available.

While we were confident Emily would do a great job…you just never know until you see the final product.

Wow! When Emily sent the link to her blog, which highlighted a few of our wedding pics, the first thing I thought was *We didn’t pay her enough* If our budget had been larger, I (well, my wife) wouldn’t have been so tough during our negotiations.

It was incredible how Emily, without being invasive or demanding, so easily captured the joy, the wonder, the concern, the love — everything, about that day. Her website,, is just the beginning.

I’m not a professional photographer (or even a really good amateur) but every proof (600 ) Emily sent to us for review was perfect or near perfect composition, focus, color – etc. My memories of the day are now framed by the snapshots we can enjoy forever.

In other words, my wife and I couldn’t be happier with the results. We chose not to have a videographer. It didn’t matter, Emily was the best choice. I could write a lot more but the only thing matters:


(…and pay her as much as possible!)

You won’t regret it.

Tony & Carolina (review as seen on


THE PICTURES ARE AWESOME!  Mike and I stayed up and looked at them just about all night last night!    The mixture between styles is unbelievible.  WE can’t wait to make the photo album so we can show it off to everyone!  This is a day we want to remember forever and you have made it easy for us because we have such beautiful pictures to look back at and admire!  You did a great job and. I have already refered you to a few people. Ahhh,  I just cant express how much WE both love the pictures!

Thanks for EVERYTHING!  You were truely the right photographer for our wedding!

Andrea and Michael

Dear Emily,
I have watched the slide show at least 15 times already!  It’s so so so so so amazing!!!!!!!  It’s too hard to even pick a favorite because every picture is so beautiful in its own way.  You’re an artist, Emily!!!  I’m pretty much telling the entire world about you!!!

-Nina Alexander-Hurst

Emily has an eye for capturing even the simplest, sweetest moments in an extraordinary way that really does justice to the emotions in such a special day. After my wedding, my sister and best friend hired her for their weddings, and at each wedding she’s been such a joy to work with–she has a great, happy attitude that becomes contagious!
Natalia Maldonado, review as submitted on Pictage

Wow, you should have warned me that I would need tissues!! Jon and I both watched the slideshow over and over, and the tears and goosebumps would not go away! Your pictures are truly incredible. I couldn’t be more thrilled about how they turned out. And you put everything together so fast!! It’s so nice to see how beautiful the wedding turned out, and be able to look back on it since the day itself went by so quickly. Now we get to re-live the memories! You are amazing!

I should go get back to my husband (we’re in Hilton Head right now on our way back up to Ohio). We’ll talk soon!

You’re the greatest!!


And P.S. The Jason Mraz song, one of my favorties ever, it was so perfect and fitting :)

WOW! That was so fast. I wasn’t expecting photos for a couple of weeks. They look so fantastic. You did such a great job. I was so impressed by your professionalism and diligence…You have no idea how many people have seen the pictures and think they are so amazing! I was home for a party for my mother, and apparently she showed the pictures to all of her clients. They all came up to me and said that they were balling their eyes out.  You are so talented. I am referring you everyone that I know that is in need of a photographer!! I just wish I had more friends that were getting married now.

Thanks again.

-Leighana & Trey Fuller

Emily Harris captured every delicate and priceless moment of my big day. Her creative eye created pictures that I could have never imagined possible. Her kind and outgoing personality helped make the fact that someone was always around snapping pictures way more comfortable and enjoyable (at least for someone like me who is not used to that kind of attention). It was a wonderful experience that I would recommened to anyone wanting to capture every specia moment of their special event in a beautiful array of pictures. A
Tamsynn Roberts, review as submitted on Pictage

Dear Emily,
I can not put into words how amazing these pictures are! Holy cow!
What an amazing capture of our special day! You rock! We forwarded to a lot of our friends! They all love them, too!!!  Thank you thank you thank you thank you!

-Tamsynn & Bryan, April 2009

Hi Emily,
We all absolutely loved the pictures.  Today was all about your pictures, since my sister’s album arrived, too.. it is beautiful, we must have looked through it a million times!  She is very very happy with the album.  Thanks so much!  And that last picture was totally worth it! Anze also wanted you to know that he just wants to look at the pictures again and again, and he’s all smiles; i’ve never seen him this excited about pictures before!  It’s cute!

-Ursula  & Anze, March 2009

Hi Emily,
I was absolutely blown away with the pictures – so were my friends and both families. Everyone kept asking about you, and I’ve sent your info to at least 3 different people. I was very surprised that you were able to put it together so fast. Thank you once again – the pictures are more than what I hoped for. We
all love them.

-Agnes & Bradley, January, 2009

Thank you, thank you, thank you! These are ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS :)
It was a joy to work with you as well, you have such a talent, not only with photography, but with making your clients feel comfortable. Daniel and I are so lucky that you were able to share the day with us. If you ever are looking for a testimonial or a recommendation, we would be more than willing to offer and outstanding one.Thank you again :)

-Rachael & Daniel, January, 2009

Dear Emily,
I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for shooting my wedding on 11/22/08. It was truly a pleasure and an honor to have you as my wedding photographer; your work really reflects your passion, dedication, and professionalism…Humberto and I feel very blessed that you were our photographer!!   I have nothing but excellent things to say about you, and therefore, I will forever recommend you to anyone seeking amazing wedding photography!  Again, thank you for everything, and for taking part in making my special day unforgettable!

-Natalia & Humberto, November, 2008

Hi Emily!
You’re amazing!!! I LOVE the slideshow! Everyone’s watched it over and over again and my mom has cried every time! :) I can’t thank you enough, and I’m so so happy that we’ll be seeing you again at my sister and Nadine’s wedding. I’ve gotten so many comments from our guests and bridal party telling me how great you were, how your energy and enthusiasm really helped to set the tone for everyone to be relaxed and happy! I won’t ever forget it!

-Natalia & Eric, November, 2008

Wow!!!  THANK YOU SO MUCH, EMILY!!!  You did an outstanding job with the photography!!!  I LOVE THE PHOTOS!!!!  I have tears in my eyes looking at them.  You really captured how Alan and I feel and it comes through in each photo.  THANK YOU FOR TAKING THE TIME TO BRING IT OUT IN EACH PHOTO!  These photos will forever show our love and how it all began – a year ago at the Morakami Gardens.  Have a great day!!!!  Thank you again for everything!!!  I am THRILLED that I found you to be our photographer!!!

-Tina & Alan, April 2008


– Tina & Alan, June 2008

Hey Emily!
I really can’t stop raving about the job you did. Not only did my wedding pictures come out great,  but you worked your butt off to get them and I really appreciated the hard work you put in. We went through and looked at all the pictures in the different links and I can’t tell you enough how talented you are. I really look forward to you photographing us in the future.

-Giannina & Jay, June 2008

Thank you Emily, they are gorgeous, I am all verklemmt! You did a phenomenal job!!!

– Anja & Miguel, May 2008

Emily Harris is EXCELLENT!! Very professional and such a pleasure to work with. She has a true talent for photography! All of our guests commented on how wonderful she was and how the photos turned out beautiful.

– Elisa & Patrick, May 2008

Emily was perfect in every accept she captured so many moments and I did not even know she was there. She was wonderful and i would recommended her in a heart beat. All of my pictures came out so awesome. She has true talent.

– Ranelle & Cam, November 2007