Meet the Photographers

Our work immerses us in life’s happiest milestones, and we are so excited to share these moments with you. We are visual storytellers who are passionate about our work and dedicated to our goal. Our mission is to give our clients the chance to relive these special times in their lives over and over again.

Husband and Wife team – Aaron and Emily create a comfortable, natural environment for their subjects because of their enthusiasm for the job and friendly personalities. They understand that weddings are a time to celebrate the bride and the groom both as individuals and as a couple. Both strive to illustrate the couple’s unique identity within each photograph. As a result, their documentary style allows the couple to tell their own story.

“Our photographs are emotional, natural and unrehearsed. Our style of documentary photography allows our subjects to be transported not just back to the moment, but back to the feeling, the excitement and the emotion that makes the moment worth remembering.”


Emily earned her BS from the University of Florida in journalism and communications, specializing in photojournalism. Emily’s photo stories have been recognized nationally by the Hearst Journalism Awards, the International Documentary Photography awards in Korea, and by the University of Florida International Center of Global committee. She was selected to participate in the 2006 Eddie Adams Workshop. Her work has been displayed in the 2005 Florida FlyIns exhibition, and at China’s most prestigious photo festival, Pingyao, in the summer of 2006. Emily is also a member of the distinguished Wedding Photojournalist Association (WPJA). She continues to work as a freelance photographer for news publications all over the country.

Psychologist by day and photographer by night, Aaron is a self-taught photo enthusiast . A technology trendsetter, Aaron began using the first generation of digital SLR cameras to photograph nature. Given his innate ability to work with people, wedding photography was a natural transition. Aaron has been photographing weddings with Emily for the last five years. His knack for putting his subjects at ease makes each photo session a fun and enjoyable experience for clients.

Together Emily and Aaron approach each event with genuine excitement and a creative open mind. They emotively tell the story without being intrusive… after all this is your big day and you deserve to enjoy it with your family and friends.

“We believe that our clients are more then just our subjects, they are our friends. It is a lifelong relationship that we build. A wedding is just the first of many wonderful life events that we hope to have the opportunity to document. We are passionate about what we do, about friendship, marriage and love!”